Ten in One

organized by Hildegard Fraueneder
Galerie 5020, Salzburg
11/20/2004 - 12/23/2004

from the press release:

In Ulrike Müller’s exhibition Ten in One viewing also means being on view. At the 5020 Gallery, Ulrike Müller presents her audio installations New York Times (February 16-22, 2003) (2003) and One of Us (Freakish Moments) (2004). The material for these works is gleaned from everyday observations and experiences in a world shaped by neoliberal pressures and unsettling global political events.
Ulrike Müller addresses her viewers as persons, who – in contrast to the idealized viewer of modernism – possess not only eyes and mind, but also bring bodies and feelings to the gallery. In Müller's text-based works, headphones are a simple but effective means to isolate single viewers form the unspecific mass of the “audience,” and to establish an intimate, but public exchange. The artist describes her audio works as soundtracks for images in our heads, which capture attention and structure perception much like a song stuck in one’s mind.