Achim Hochdörfer and Barbara Schröder (eds.)

Ulrike Müller, Franza, Fever 103, and Quilts

Dancing Foxes Press, Brooklyn, NY

With essays by Achim Hochdörfer, Christian Kravagna, Amy Sillman, and Aruna D’Souza
Design by Carl Williamson
104 pages, 102 color images
ISBN 978-0-9853377-0-4

Published in conjunction with Ulrike Müller’s contribution for the 12th International Cairo Biennale (2010), this book takes as its subjects the drawings, paintings, and quilts the artist has produced since 2006, from the Curiosity drawings, which mark the beginning of Müllers engagement with modernism’s visual strategies, to Franza, her latest group of enamel paintings developed for the Cairo Biennale. Transcending conventional binaries, such as the division of abstract forms and representational logic, these works charge seemingly neutral abstract and diagrammatic imagery with psychology and sexual politics. Shaped by her understandings of feminist art and institutional critique, they rekindle the avant-garde desire to tie aesthetic production to a tangible, concrete experience of life.