Ulrike Müller
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Ulrike Müller
Painting. The Implicit Horizon. Maastrict, NL: Jan Van Eyck Academy, 2012
Ulrike Müller
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Ulrike Müller
Me, Making Funny Faces. Eine Murmel Comics Auswahl, Murmel Comics, Vienna, 2009
Ulrike Müller and Andrea Geyer
Grey Room 35, Spring 2009, Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2009
Ulrike Müller
springerin, volume XV, issue 1, winter 2009, Vienna, 2009
Rosalyn Deutsche, Aruna D’Souza, Miwon Kwon, Ulrike Müller, Mignon Nixon, and Senam Okudzeto
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Ulrike Müller (ed.)
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Ulrike Müller
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Ulrike Müller
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J.U.P., with an afterword by Renee Green
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