Herstory Inventory

, 2009
18:38 minutes
5-channel audio installation

Herstory Inventory is a collaborative project initiated by Ulrike Müller, with Nancy Brooks Brody, Emma Hedditch, Zoe Leonard, and Megan Palaima. The 5-channel audio installation is based on the inventory list of the Lesbian Herstory Archives’ expansive collection of T-shirts, a list of images and slogans coined from the 1970s onward. As messages among the members of a community and as declarations to a larger public, the T-shirts embody and intend desires, politics, and alliances, they express outrage as well as humor. The abstraction of this countercultural iconography into a poetically detailed descriptive language opens up space for political fantasy and libidinal projection. In the audio recording for this new piece, we intend to voice relationships, to address the body’s connection to the archive, to open a space for affinities and differences. The project pays homage to an activist feminist history and its conflicting positions and productive debates, it is a reflection on collective and individual movements, bodies present and absent, and our present tense.

Below a low-resolution 1-channel version to document the piece.